What Exactly is a Combi Boiler?

If you need to get a new boiler, you may be confused about the different types that are available. One of the boiler types that you can get is a combi boiler. These boilers work a bit different from the traditional boilers and you need to be aware of this. What A Combi Boiler Does

Before you look at how the combi boiler works, you need to know what this does. A combi boiler will complete two jobs in your home. These jobs are to heat your home and to provide you with the hot water that you need.

When it comes to heating, the combi boiler and the traditional boiler will work in the same way. They will send hot water to the radiators in your home which heat the air. The big difference between these boilers is the way that they provide the hot water to your home.

How Combi Boilers Provide Hot Water

The combi boiler will heat water when you need it. This is different from the traditional boiler which heats water and then stores it in a tank. Combi boilers will not have tanks, but provide you with the same level of hot water.

When you have a combi boiler, cold water from your water supply will run through the boiler when you turn on the hot water tap. This water is heated using coils within the boiler to make hot water. This heated water will then run to the tap.

It is important to note that you will need to wait a bit before the water coming from the tap turns hot. This is due to the fact that hot water will not be on hand and will take a while to produce.

The Benefits of a Combi Boiler

If you need to choose between a traditional and combi boiler, you need to know what the benefits of this boiler are. The primary benefit is the fact that you will have an endless amount of hot water. As the boiler heats cold water as and when you need it, you never have to worry about running out. The traditional boiler will store hot water in a tank and when this runs out, you will have to wait for more.

Another benefit of the combination boiler is the fact that it will take up very little space. Traditional boilers need space for the tank as well as the actual boiler which can be a problem in certain homes. If you have limited space, this boiler will be the best solution.

These boilers are also cheaper to install so best to get a plumbing quote from your local plumbing company. As they do not have a tank, they can be installed in a short amount of time. Of course, the ease of installation will vary depending on the company you hire to do this. These boilers will also never suffer from standby heat loss.

The Drawbacks of A Combination Boiler

While there are a number of benefits to the use of these boilers, there are also a number of drawbacks that you need to know about. The primary one is that you can only really run one hot water tap at a time. If you run more than one tap, you will have cold or lukewarm water.

Another drawback is the fact that if the boiler breaks down you will have no access to hot water. With a traditional boiler, you will still be able to use the water in the tank when the actual boiler has broken down.

If you are in the market for a boiler, you need to know what a combi boiler is. This will help you choose the right boiler for your home.