Benefits of Power Flushing Your Heating System

When it comes to the central heating system of your home, a power flush is extremely beneficial. A power flush is a maintenance activity that is done by a qualified plumbers in Northampton in order to clean out the sludge from the central heating system. What is sludge? Basically speaking, it is black goo that is created by the reaction of lime scale, water, air and the metal of the pipes in the system. This sludge finds its way in and around the pipes and valves, which leads to a great number of issues with your system. Most commonly, the heating system starts to work sluggishly, the actual life of the system decreases etc. As a result, a power flush gets rid of the sludge so your system can work as it should. We will now take a closer look at the benefits.

Increases Heating Efficiency

As mentioned above, the sludge in your heating system slows it down significantly and this causes it to heat inefficiently. When you do a power flush, it makes your central heating system work much more efficiently, meaning, you will get more heat while using less energy. You can experience up to 40% in increased efficiency, which is definitely a huge benefit.

Increases The Lifespan of Your System

One of the problems that most central heating systems go through is corrosion of the metal pipes over time. The sludge actually accelerates this corrosion, leading to a much shorter lifespan. However, since a power flush gets rid of the sludge, it reduces the corrosion, which leads to a longer lifespan. Also, an inhibitor is added in after the power flush is done and this prevents sludge from forming for many years. As a result, a simple power flush can increase the lifespan of your heating system by 10 years.

Lower Energy Bills

When you have a more efficient heating system, the radiators in your home will heat faster which will lead to rooms that are warmed up faster while using less energy. As a result, the amount of energy that your home consumes is greatly decreased which leads to much lower energy bills. This is a huge benefit because we all want lower bills and a simple power flush can help you to achieve significantly lower energy bills for many years.

Results That Last

When you do a power flush, the benefits are long lasting and you won't have to do another power flush for another 10 years. This makes it a great investment in your home and you don't ever have to worry about sludge, poorly performing radiators, leaking systems etc. As a result, you will have greater peace of mind and a home that you can truly enjoy.

What Are The Signs That You Need A Power Flush?

Now that you know the huge benefits of doing a power flush, you may be wondering how you will know if you need to get one. In most cases, you will see a greater reduction in the efficiency of your heating. You will also receive very little or no hot water since the sludge is blocking the pipework or heating exchange. There may also be cold spots of your radiators. If you notice that your radiator is cold at the bottom of it but hot at the top, then this means that there could be an issue with sludge. There could also be pump and valve failures or regular seizures. Once you notice any of these signs, then you may possibly need a power flush.


In conclusion, we have just looked at the benefits of having a power flush as well as the signs that your system may need one. Once you get a power flush, you'll be wondering why you did't have one done sooner.