Be Alert for These Common Central Heating Problems

We live in a world of constant technological innovation - and at least in the developed world we have come to expect a level of comfort and convenience when it comes to both our lifestyle and within our homes. For many consumers and homeowners this has meant that central heating has become a part of their lives, allowing them to enjoy year round comfort and making life just that little bit easier.

However, as with all modern conveniences problems do occur from time to time. This is normal - it's usually as result of simple wear and tear and sometimes is connected to inadequate maintenance or service. A local plumber should be able to give you an idea on the cost of a boiler service Northampton for you particular make and model

Here are some of the most common issues that affect home central heating systems. These problems can lead to loss of efficiency, among other problems.

1. Loss of Even Heating

One of the most common problems as far as central heating is concerned is the inability of the system to distribute heat evenly throughout the home. The cause is usually a furnace problem that can be related to a number of issues such as dirty filters, mechanical issues or even an airlock.

2. Airlocks

In some instances air pockets trapped in piping can cause the circulation of hot water. The solution is to 'bleed radiators and may require that the entire system be 'flushed'.

3. Cycling Problems

This problem is characterised by the continued cycling of the central heating system i.e. turning on and off seemingly at random. Left unattended it will quickly affect the temperature of the entire house. There are numerous reasons for the issue. It could be caused by inadequate water pressure, a valve that has not been opened or thermostat malfunction.

4. Pilot Lights

If the pilot light will not stay lit then it is usually a problem with the gas supply. In cases like this it is best to immediately contact the gas supplier. There may be an issue with gas flow that can include damaged seals. This issue has the potential for disaster - it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

5. Thermostat Issues

If the temperature control in the household is erratic it may be the sign that the thermostat has malfunctioned. The reasons for this could be purely mechanical or electrical in nature. Power supply problems can also affect thermostat performance. Or alternatively it could be a simple problem like difficulty in achieving the correct programming of the thermostat. Check with the manufacturer if the unit is still under warranty. They will be able to walk you through a solution to some of the more common problems.

6. Odd Noises

This is an issue that can be tremendously annoying. There may be many causes of the noise. Shuddering, pinging and what can only be described as 'clanging' are an indication that there may be a serious issue. The best way to stop these problems before they happen is to schedule regular maintenance. Ignoring them once the do happen can be expensive - the system can simply fail requiring costly repair.

There are companies that offer finance plans that will cover regular maintenance which will allow the homeowner to avoid the costs associated with unscheduled or emergency repairs. This sort of approach takes the hassle out of planning and is a great solution for the busy homeowner.

However if you are having a problem with your central heating it's best to call in a professional to sort it out as soon as possible. this is even more important when the system might be showing its age.

Rather deal with a professional and sort the problem out before it it becomes worse.